FiiO K1

Rp 600.000,-

Deskripsi :

FiiO K1
Portable headphone amplifier & DAC
Professional Audio Architecture
Utilizing Savitech's SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio, and the TI's high fidelity, low noise PCM5102 DAC chip, which output to the TPA61332A headphone driver. its self-muting function can greatly reduce power on/off transients, giving a hassle-free music experience

Plug-and-Play Audio Upgrade
Connect the K1 to a computer via the supplied USB cable and obtain instant music gratification. The K1 has no battery, needs no charging, and requires no drivers, yielding the perfect plug-and-play experience
Unimaginably Small
Smaller than many thumb drives in the market, the K1 weighs a feather-light 11.3g and comes with a removable clip for convenient carrying