Rp 400.000,-


Deskripsi :

Make the change-with one tiny wire

Wire core : Silver plated copper
Outter Skin : Teflon FEP

Available headphone models : Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (Pro), Super Fi5 Pro, SuperFi 3 Studio M-AUDIO IE40, IE30, IE20 XB, IE-10

Specifications :

Length      : 120mm (excluding the plug)
Diameter of the conductor     : 26AWG (0.4mm)
Diameter of the conductor with the outer skin     : 0.6mm
Diameter of the wire     : 2.5mm
Impedance of single track for the wire     : 0.16 Ohm (1200mm)
Suitable temperature     : -80-200C
Voltage Resistance     : 150V