Topping NX1

Rp 500.000,-

Deskripsi :

Topping NX1
The ToppingNX1 has been designed for MP3/MP4/mobile phone/computer that can not get best effect of high impedance from the headset due to the low power to improve the power and sound quality.
0.000015% Distortion
  • Splendid combination of Amplifier
  • The topping NX-1 use high performance chips
  • amplification and can bead to reach the extreme distortion degree index of 0.000015% almost zero distortion.
Innovation Power Supply Design
  • USB intelligent charging.
  • 1000mAh large-capacity lithium polymer battery makes the battery life can reach max 4 hours.
  • Full play to the op-amp and guarantee the good performance.
  • Drive high impedance headphones with enough dynamic level range.
  • Can adapt to the charge output of computer USB port and variety of Plugs.
  • Automatically adjust the suitable charging current.
  • Only need 1 hour if charging via 2A supply.